Reaching the Least

Poverty is something that affects people in an interesting way. It can be demeaning, devaluing, and overwhelming. When hope is lost, drive and desire don’t always win. By empowering and impacting the “least”, we can make hope and future the drive for someone’s life. We see homelessness on the rise, government assistance, and people struggling from day to day. LoveOne wants to bring hope to the hopeless by reaching what many would call the “unlovely”.

Reaching the Lost

Many people in today’s world are lost. We would define lost as hurting and broken. They are searching for something greater than where they are. Although most try to find satisfaction in meaningless things, LoveOne knows that it is about Loving the One. Faith is at the core of humanity. It is not just a “crutch” as some would put it, but rather, apart of our created DNA. We are creatures that were created for more than what society says is success. When people begin to walk in faith, their lives change. When people put their faith in things that aren’t the One, they are lost. They are searching for the One. Addiction, depression, love of money, title or position, or what economic sphere they belong to begin to define them. All the while being lost in their own heart. LoveOne wants to reach out to the lost and bring them home to what life is really about.

Reaching the Forgotten

There are people in today’s world that are forgotten. We don’t even really think about them unless we see something in the news. There are people suffering in the streets, struggling with addiction, being incarcerated, and forgotten on a large scale. Have you ever felt forgotten? LoveOne wants to make sure that people know that there are people who have not forgotten about them. They matter! They belong! They are important! Giving hope to the hopeless is important. Loving people who feel like the world has run them over and left them hurting and alone. Every life matters and we want them to know it! LoveOne wants to remind them that they are not forgotten.