Who We Are

LoveOne is an outreach organization, that desires to reach locally and internationally. The same issues we have here in America are all over the world: addiction, poverty, homelessness, incarceration, hunger, brokenness, family breakdown, lack of education, depression, and the list goes on. LoveOne wants to make an impact everywhere. The goal is to be 50% of the time doing local outreach in our own backyard (America), and 50% of the time doing outreach in other countries. LoveOne supports local ministries wherever it may be. We are a servant led organization, partnering with ministries to make an impact in the spheres and cities they are called to, as well as pioneering in areas that may not be developed yet.


Our Mission

LoveOne exists to reach the least, the lost, and the forgotten. If we can LoveOne person, we can make a difference that could change the direction of their life. We do this by reaching out to people in need. We provide help and hope to the homeless, broken, incarcerated, at risk youth, the local community, and anyone who needs us to LoveOne.